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Hospitality Training Services

For any business involving contact with others, service has become essential when it comes to winning Clients, satisfying them and retaining their loyalty. We are convinced that in the next 5 years, service will become one of the key differentiation factors among brands.

To Manage the Excellency of Service

Each employee is the ambassador of the brand that he embodies on a daily basis in each of his attitudes, words and gestures. Working in a high-end or luxurious environment means mastering the intricacies and codes, as well as being fully aware of its individual responsibility for the Customer’s enchantment.
Deployed over two days, this training aims to help each employee to identify concretely and then adopt the attitudes and behaviours bearing the values of luxury in a relationship with the Client. It will give everyone the keys to establish a relationship of trust, privileged and unique, with the client by carrying out strong emotional experiences.

Based on a multitude of concrete examples, this training also aims to make the employee aware of the specific profile of the Clients that he or she guides and accompanies.
Employees will discover and feel the importance of relational and sensory experiences in each of the experiences offered to Clients within the brand.


Hospitality & Personal Development

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